AAR Meeting Book Display

AAR Meeting Book Display

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interview with Paul Edwards


Yesterday I was interviewed by Paul Edwards, on the Paul Edwards Show out of Detroit. You can listen to the podcast of it here. Just click on the Oct 25 podcast. You will find my segment about 25 minutes into the program. Paul did a great job of interviewing, keeping the conversation rolling and asking some great questions. Thanks Paul!
At one point he asked if we need to do away with the 11:00 AM traditional Sunday church service all-together. I answered No, as long as we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, then there will be cause to gather together on Sunday morning. But it's still a good question. We should always have a reason for doing what we do. When we can no longer articulate a reason for going through the motions of church, for going to church on Sunday, then we know that our tradition has become a hollow shell.

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